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Oklahoma’s SCOOP and STACK oil plays … Some of the best rock seen anywhere!

Traveling through Oklahoma’s stratigraphy, one can stumble over as many as 7,500 formations. “Most have names; in some cases, several,” the Oklahoma Geological Survey explains in an oil and gas FAQ page. The abundance of nomenclature is the result of many factors, the OGS adds, including simply that, at times, “geologists may disagree.”

The state also hosts more than 3,000 field designations. To simplify, strat-trippers can cheat down to the 300 formations that have had 10 or more well completions. Among them is the Woodford Shale, which Newfield Exploration Co. proved commercial from fracked horizontals beginning in 2005 where the pay is gassy in the Arkoma Basin of southeastern Oklahoma. Read the full article at here at