John Henry Petroleum (JHP) specializes in the timely, cost-effective exploration and production of oil and natural gas. JHP achieves superior growth in partnership value by using a proven, technology-driven approach. With an integrated focus on the use of three-dimensional (3-D) seismic imaging and other advanced technologies, JHP reduces finding costs and substantially lowers the risks involved in drilling a dry hole or a well capable of marginal production values.Since 1995, JHP has stood as a forward-looking, “get to the future first,” energy company. By identifying and securing opportunities early, being prepared to take prudent risks and by applying technology in innovative ways, JHP is recognized as a dynamic pacesetter in the energy industry. Beyond its use of cutting-edge technology and its visionary culture, JHP’s Class A partnerships and strategic alliances with industry leaders have been essential in JHP’s positioning among the industry’s elite.JHP’s data acquisition approach has generated significant growth in net proved reserves and net production volumes. JHP will continue to monetize this value through the focused drilling of the highest-grade locations in its prospect inventory as well as through the sales of interests in certain prospects.


  Innovative and aggressive business model

  Favorable market conditions with increasing demands

  Alliances and partnerships with some of the most respected independent and publicly owned oil and gas companies in the industry

  Multi-year drilling inventory

  Proven ability to raise capital

  Substantial 3-D seismic exploration knowledge base and data repository

  Significant value inherent in un-drilled 3-D seismic prospect inventory

  Extremely aggressive acreage acquisition in conventional and unconventional trends