Since JHP’s inception, our policy has been to comply with the letter and the spirit of all laws and to uphold the highest safety and ethical standards in conducting our business. We follow this policy enthusiastically and we expect the individuals and the organizations with which we do business to share our values as well. We believe this is the soundest approach to achieving our vision of success.

While demand for fossil fuels continues to increase, an expectation of reduction in environmental impact also grows. JHP is committed to being a strong steward of the environment and believes it is of utmost importance that balance is achieved between supplying global energy needs while ensuring we pass a healthy planet to our children and grandchildren.

We assign great importance to the observance of these principles because, in the final analysis, JHP’s reputation depends not only on the conduct of its own employees, and on the honesty and integrity of those people with which we do business.

Environmental Performance

Safely and responsibly extracting crude oil and natural is our principal business. Affordable and reliable energy is essential to social progress. Industrial processes including energy development involves risk. JHP continuously works to reduce environmental impacts and high ethical standards and good practices that consider the needs of the communities where we operate guide our efforts. Safety is a core value that’s reflected in our decision making, planning and operations.

• JHP manages its business with the goal of preventing incidents and controlling emissions and wastes to the lowest levels.

• We stay apprised of the most current methods to reduce the environmental impacts from our operations.

• We conduct appropriate reviews and evaluations of operations to measure progress and ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations

• Efficiently remediating and restoring disturbed land is central to reducing our overall environmental impact.

Oklahoma’s SCOOP and STACK oil plays … Some of the best rock seen anywhere!

Traveling through Oklahoma’s stratigraphy, one can stumble over as many as 7,500 formations. “Most have names; in some cases, several,” the Oklahoma Geological Survey explains in an oil and gas FAQ page. The abundance of nomenclature is the result of many factors, the OGS adds, including simply that, at times, “geologists may disagree.”

The state also hosts more than 3,000 field designations. To simplify, strat-trippers can cheat down to the 300 formations that have had 10 or more well completions. Among them is the Woodford Shale, which Newfield Exploration Co. proved commercial from fracked horizontals beginning in 2005 where the pay is gassy in the Arkoma Basin of southeastern Oklahoma. Read the full article at here at