Well Nomenclature (E&A)

Authorized for expenditure (AFE)
Appraisal (APP)
Blow out Preventer (BOP)
Deviated (DEVW)
Discovery (DISC)
Drilling string assembly (DSA)
Exploration (EXP)
Float equipment (FE)
Float shoe (FS)
Fluid loss (FL)
Fresh Water (FW)
Junked & Abandoned (JA)
Initial fluid level (IFL)
Moved in rigging up (MIRU)
Nipple down (the separation of two units) (ND)
Nipple up (joining two units) (NU)
Plugged & Abandoned (PA)
Poly-Crystalline Diamond Drill Bit (PDC)
Pulled out of hole (POOH)
Pump Pressure (PP)
Pump stroke (PS)
PUP joint (reduced sized tubing) (PUP)
Re-entry (RE)
Revolution per Minute (RPM)
Rig Down (RD)
Rig Up (RU)
Shut-down overnight (SDON)
Shut-In (SI)
Shut-In casing pressure (SICP)
Shut-In tube pressure (SITP)
Suspended (SP)
Testing (TE)
Tight Hole (TIGHT)
Tripping in hole (TIH)
Viscosity (VIS)
Weight on Bit (WOB)
Weight of fluid (WT)

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