Gas Well

Any oil or gas well: (A) which produces natural gas not associated or blended with crude petroleum oil at the time of production;
(B) which produces more than 100,000 cubic feet of gas/natural gas for each barrel of crude petroleum oil from the same producing horizon; or
(C) which produces natural gas from a formation or producing horizon productive of gas/natural gas only encountered in a wellbore through which crude petroleum oil also is produced through the inside of another string of casing or tubing. An oil or gas well which produces hydrocarbon liquids, a part of which is formed by a condensation from a gas phase and a part of which is crude petroleum oil, shall be classified as a gas/natural gas well unless there is produced one barrel or more of crude petroleum oil per 100,000 cubic feet of gas/natural gas; and that the term “crude petroleum oil” shall not be construed to mean any liquid hydrocarbon mixture or portion thereof which is not in the liquid phase in the reservoir, removed from the reservoir in such liquid phase, and obtained at the surface as such.

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